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Cause you *know* it's more than just a friendship

Dearka Elthman x Yzak Jule community
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Hello! And welcome to deayza, the Dearka/Yzak community on livejournal! This is for the discussion, fangirling and just plain love over the pairing! :D So if you're interested, feel more than free to come on in and hang out.


- POST! Okay, well, not insanely, but even if you wanna make a small comment or something else, FEEL FREE TO. Any tiny post, question or discussion is fine, and we wanna try and be active! Don't be afraid to post something!

- When posting fanfic or fanart, please give a rating as to what it is (PG, NC-17, etc), as some people prefer not to or only read certain things. Also, please LJ-cut your work.

- Of course, seeing the community was made for the sole purpose of Dearka/Yzak, any bashing toward them is .. retarded? Why would you even bother joining, or reading the community? Trolls are bad.

- As pertaining to the above, if you wanna talk about another pairing or why you think Dearka/Yzak "totally don't make sense", go somewhere else, this community isn't for that.

- Normal talk on Yzak and Dearka aside from a pairing is a-ok. So long, again, as there is no BASHING or flaming of other users, pairings or characters. We're trying to unite the Dearka/Yzak fandom, not bicker! :D

- Tag posts! So people can come take a look at stuff we've talked about in the past. ;)


All of our fanworks, discussion, and anything else that is fit for being saved, is in our memories section. The below links are easy access to some of the more popular things.

- Tags!
- Our 20 themes challenge!
- Our 30 themes fanart challenge!
- Our 50 plotbunnies challenge!


This community was created on March 29th, and is run by gaignun, any comments or otherwise can be directed toward stormwaltzing [at] gmail [dot] com.

Like Gundam SEED? Join gundamseed! Yzak and Dearka have individual communities, too. yzak_love and dearka_love!

Affiliated with:
tollemiri - Tolle/Miriallia
kiraraku - Kira/Lacus
shinnluna - Shinn/Lunamaria
crossed_destiny - Athrun/Shinn
asumey - Athrun/Meyrin

-- want to be affiliated? E-mail me, or leave a comment on any recent post I've made! Affiliations with any and every pairing communities only.

We're also featured on cosmicera and gundam_promo!!

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